NP KornatiThe National Park Kornati was declared a national park in 1980. The Kornati islands are the most beautiful and the most famous island group in the Adriatic and in the Mediterranean. There are 89 out of 152 islands and rocks within the park borders known under the common name – Kornati. The islands abound in natural and cultural particularities. The vertical cliffs – crowns of the Kornati islands – turned towards the open sea, are the most popular phenomenon in this park. The cliffs are also inhabited by some rare species. Link:
The distance from Apartments LUNA Tisno – Kornati: 20 NM

NP KrkaThe National Park Krka was declared in 1985, and it comprises the upper and the middle flow of the river Krka and the lower part of the river Čikola river flow. On its way to the sea, Krka creates seven noisy, extraordinary waterfalls among which the Roški waterfall and Skradinski Buk are the most famous ones and they are the biggest travertine barriers in Europe. The park territory tries to preserve the natural eco-system, the flora and fauna richness and the ethnographic treasure of the region.

The distance from Apartments LUNA Tisno – NP Krka: 35km

Plitvička jezeraThe National Park Plitvice Lakes is one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe. It is a woody mountain area through which, one under the other, spread 16 magnificent crystal blue-green lakes and small lakes. The Plitvice Lakes show their beauty through all four seasons. In the summer with their rich vegetation, in the winter with their ice sculptures, in the autumn with thousands of colours and in the spring with the play of voluptuous waterfalls rich with water. The nature offers you infinite possibilities like walks, visits to the water sources, rainforests and caves, visit to the well-known natural bear reservation in the vicinity of the National park.
The distance from Apartments LUNA Tisno – NP Plitvice Lakes: 188km

Vransko jezeroThe Nature Park Vransko jezero is the biggest lake in Croatia, the only bigger swamp in the Mediterranean part of Croatia. It gets the water from several sources and from the Skorobić brook. As a natural phenomenon it offers a lot of interesting curiosities, it is a habitat and a protected ornithological reservation of numerous and rare species of fen fowl.
The distance from Apartments LUNA Tisno – Vrana Lake Nature Park: 27km.