MurterMURTER – the biggest and the oldest settlement, having the same name as the island itself, is placed on the doorway to the Kornati islands. The Illirs had settled Murter back in prehistoric time, and later on the Romans which is witnessed by worthy archaeological findings of an old Roman settlement Colentum on the Gradina hill. The island of Murter is mentioned for the 1st time in 1318 under the name Insula Mortari, after which the settlement itself was named. The old part of the settlement is placed under the Raduč hill, and the newer part is built on the coast of Hramina Bay.
The tourism beginnings in Murter go back to the 1930s when the Bohemian villa in Slanica Bay was built.
Apart from agriculture, fishery and cattle-breeding, the population today is significantly engaged in tourism.
What to visit in Murter
Church of St Rocco – built in year 1760 – on a hill above the village – it provides a view on the whole area
Church of the Lady of Gradina – from the 17th century and the remains of the Roman settlement Collentum
Sightseeing spot on a hill Raduč – a view on an entire area: Murter, Kornati, Betina, Tisno
The distance from Apartments LUNA Tisno – Murter: 6,5km

BetinaBETINA – is the settlement on the north-eastern coast of the island. This place enjoys unofficial, but recognized status of Adriatic wooden ship building centre. The central, historical part of Betina is built on the eastern side of the cape Arić on the northern entrance to the Murter Canal. During the course of years the settlement has spread into the Zdrače Bay where you can find a marina, a shipyard Betina and a local beach. The modern marina provides accommodation and maintenance service of boats and yachts with the capacity of 100 berths. Besides being known for fishery and ship building, Betina is also a lovely touristic destination.
What to visit in Betina
Church of St. Francis of Assisi – built in year 1736, it is a sightseeing spot with a beautiful view on Betina
Church of St Rocco – built in year 1760 – on the same named hill – provides a view on the entire area – Betina, Murter, Kornati, Tisno
Islet Sustipanac – an islet with remains of a franciscan monastery and rocks ideal for sea jumping
The distance from Apartments LUNA Tisno – Betina: 6km

JezeraJEZERA – got the name after big pools of water caused by autumn and winter rains that flow into the valley and create a real lake impression. Jezera is the smallest settlement on the island, formed on the south-east side of the island. The centre is on the northern coast of the bay, and on its southern side there is an ACI marina Jezera. In Jezera there is a sport fishing club Punta Rata which initiated and organised Big Game Fishing.
KUD Koledišće cherishes the tradition of original folk songs, folk costumes and traditions.
Along with fishery and other traditional activities the population is more and more taking up tourism.
What to visit in Jezera
Church of the Lady of health from year 1720
Big game fishing – international competition of sport-fishing (tuna, swordfish, shark) in Murter and Kornati archipelago (end of September)
The distance from Apartments LUNA Tisno – Jezera: 2km.