Extra virgin olive oil KORNAT

The family olive grove Smolić is situated in the town of Putičanje. 400 olive trees have been planted from which approximately 90% of indigenous the oblica species, and the remaindered are of the leccino, pendolino, picholino and levantinka species. In the olive grove, all agritechnical measures are applies, such as: seasonal pruning, manure and pesticides. The manure and pesticide resources which are utilized are ecologically acceptable. The fruits are picked in the middle of October and that same day, they are pressed in our modernly equipped oil factory ‘Tisno’. After that the oil is filtered, then stored in single vessels equipped with protective inert gas which retains the quality properties of the extra virgin olive oil for long periods of time.

The extra virgin olive oil ‘Kornat’ is a yellow-green color. Its organoleptic properties give an intensive aroma of the olive fruit, freshly mowed grass and green leaves. In harmony with aromatic qualities, the taste is moderately bitter pointedly spicy in unison with a degree of maturity of the harvested fruit. Because of its properties, the extra virgin olive oil ‘Kornat’ serves excellently as an addition to meals of meat and fish, salads, side sides of vegetables, for the preparation of carppaccio of various fish…It can be utilized in cosmetic products, and as a medicine for many illnesses (gastric mucosa, cholesterol, blood veins, inflammation…)